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3 Components of a Thriving Ministry

By September 16, 2021March 24th, 2022Agency, Church, Coaching, Leadership, Team

When running a race, it’s easy to see success as winning. In fact, in the world, most things are all about the destination while disregarding the journey. But Christ shows us a different way. It’s about the journey and destination of ministry, and the same is true for a thriving TFI ministry. This talk will dive deeper into the three components of a thriving TFI Ministry and why they are so important.


Zeth Smith – A Pastor’s Perspective

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Advocate and pastor Zeth Smith shares encouragement and insight into how to build and maintain healthy church relationships.

Cherith Craft | How to Put Jesus First in Your Ministry | One Day 2021

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Advocate Cherith Craft from Baton Rouge, LA shares some insight in to how to put Jesus first in your ministry.

The Advocacy Grid: Introduction

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