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Accounting Support

We want you to focus on multiplying the work of awareness and encouragement on the ground. That’s why we want to give you expert bookkeeping and accounting support to help your ministry thrive!

Have an accounting question?

Have an accounting question?


Reimbursement Requests

You are able to receive reimbursements for the amount at or under the total amount in your specific TFI Ministry account. To receive a reimbursement, please fill out the form below.


Payment Requests

You may request that payments be mailed directly to vendors on your behalf. Please submit the form below to initiate this payment.


Advance Funds Requests

You may receive Advance Funds for the amount at or under the total amount in that specific TFI Ministry account. In order to receive Advance Funds, please fill out the form below.


Advance Funds Receipts

Because you may only have one Advance Funds request open at a time, all receipts must be received and settled by TFI Accounting prior to processing another Advance Funds Request. Please submit the receipts for your currently open Advance Funds Request through the form below.


In-Kind Donation Receipt Request

If your TFI Ministry has received a charitable gift in which, instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given, submit the form below so that the donation can be verified. A receipt can then be created and mailed directly to the donor.


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