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Applying the Grid: Part Two

By September 16, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Team

Gaelin continues to share how we can best apply the grid in our teams and ministries. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as one runner passes the baton to the next. That key exchange determines whether or not the team will win or lose. Now that we have more clarity on our roles, we need to learn how to recruit, train, and sustain Coordinators for our teams, and who better to learn from than Jesus himself?


Back to the Basics – Jami Kaeb | TFI Teams Connect

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God has expanded the work of TFI far beyond what Jami ever imagined through YOU! With growth comes excitement and life change, but we can’t forget why we exist. Keeping…

We Honor Our Commitments | One Day 2021

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Jami walks us through the importance of honoring our commitments, this is a key way for us to build trust and represent the character of Jesus well.

The Advocacy Grid: Introduction

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An introduction to the Advocacy Grid, a way for you to access where your team needs to grow and develop. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as…