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Being a Leader – Jami Kaeb

By October 3, 2019March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership

Leadership isn’t easy. With leadership comes great responsibility. How do you handle the stress and responsibility a leadership role brings with it? How do you become a better leader? What even makes a leader successful? You’ll walk away from this session with new insights into how to make the most of your leadership. (Hint: It isn’t about being perfect. Learn to fail forward and keep growing.)


Lessons Learned: Receiving Donations – Kelly Schwamberger

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You’re in it. You’re supporting the foster care community well. Things are moving along. Then, you run into a setback. Something doesn’t go how you expect. You meet resistance or…

Session 02c: Angie on Recruiting & Mentoring New Advocates

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The power of a personal ask can cause people to genuinely consider making an effort to step into the work of supporting the foster care community. Angie shares some thoughts…

The Role of Church Partnership

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What role does the church play? How do we engage churches effectively in the future? Sometimes, it can become challenging to cast a vision with church partners because they have…