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Centering Our Minds | Culture Cast July 2021

By July 8, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership

When we lose focus of what is most important, we can lead our ministries in the wrong direction. But when we center our minds on Jesus, everything is ordered rightly.


New Mercies | Culture Cast January 2022

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What are your goals personally and what are your goals for TFI this year? It takes time and intentionality to live intentionally and on purpose but it feels so good…

Session 02c: Angie on Recruiting & Mentoring New Advocates

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The power of a personal ask can cause people to genuinely consider making an effort to step into the work of supporting the foster care community. Angie shares some thoughts…

Being a Leader – Jami Kaeb

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Leadership isn’t easy. With leadership comes great responsibility. How do you handle the stress and responsibility a leadership role brings with it? How do you become a better leader? What…