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Giving and Receiving | Culture Cast June 2021

By June 8, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership

Supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together isn’t just about what we as Advocate ministries can give, it is just as much about receiving from the foster care community. If we don’t believe the FCC has anything to offer, we will miss out.


We Honor Our Commitments | One Day 2021

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Jami walks us through the importance of honoring our commitments, this is a key way for us to build trust and represent the character of Jesus well.

Exude Hope | One Day 2022

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Becky shares about the calling for Christians to be people that exude hope, even in the face of difficult circumstances or challenging people. We cannot expect to have a gospel…

Difficulty & Delight – Endure with Rachel Lawrence

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