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Hope When It’s Hard – Holly Gnuse | TFI Teams Connect

By January 10, 2020March 24th, 2022Coaching, Team

You became aware and were moved to action. Now you’re deep into service. You’re pouring out so much. It feels heavy. Where does your encouragement come from in the midst of this? How do you stay fixed on Jesus and share hope to those in the trenches when they (and maybe you, too!) feel like giving up?


Why Culture Matters | Culture Cast January 2021

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Our culture at TFI matters. Why? Because culture drives behavior. And our lives are made up of small decisions that drive our behaviors, behaviors that lead us closer to or…

The Advocacy Grid: Quad 3

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Learn about the third Quad of the advocacy grid, where someone transitions across the advocacy threshold. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as one runner passes the…

Session 01c: Jami on the Vision of TFI

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In this video from the 2017 Advocate retreat, Jami shares about our vision for TFI, to support the foster care community and see everyone experiencing Jesus together.