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Interview with Coordinators Megan and Elyse | One Day 2022

By March 5, 2022March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership, Team

In this interview, Coordinators Megan and Elyse share some thoughts on what it takes to be a helpful and effective coordinator. They share some stories about how God has used them to bless the foster care community.


When You Feel Isolated in Advocacy

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Ministry can feel lonely. Do churches seem disengaged? Is your agency contact not responding? Are you finding it challenging to bring on coordinators? You are part of a community at…

Difficulty & Delight – Endure with Rachel Lawrence

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Defining Advocate & Coordinator Roles

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How will your ministry accomplish its goal? What are your next steps toward reaching the vision? There are numerous options you could pursue as a ministry. Learn how the Advocate…