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Jason Johnson Leadership Conversation

By March 9, 2021March 23rd, 2022Coaching

Listen in as Jason Johnson shares leadership advice he believes is key to leading in a God-honoring way.


We Honor Our Commitments | One Day 2021

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Jami walks us through the importance of honoring our commitments, this is a key way for us to build trust and represent the character of Jesus well.

Session 02b: Dale and Jill on Connecting with Advocates and the National Team

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As a national team, we love to support advocates as they do the hard work of meeting the needs of the foster care community. But we also desire to connect…

Hope When It’s Hard – Scott Gnuse

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In this video, Scott Gnuse talks with us about how we can find hope in Jesus during times that are hard. Sometimes in the middle of trial, we can despair,…