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Learning from Leaders – Liz Archambault

By October 3, 2019March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership, Team

Long time Advocate and Coach Liz Archambault share with us her thoughts on what it takes to be a leader that is led by Christ and makes an impact that will last.


A Season for Everything | Culture Cast April 2023

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Join us in making the foster care community known. Together, we're raising awareness, learning from those in foster care, and providing encouragement and support. Let's increase advocacy and ensure that…

Draw Near to Jesus

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We are here for you. As your National Team, we’re continually brainstorming and creating ways to provide you with effective coaching, community, and resources. We believe that well cared for…

3 Components of a Thriving Ministry

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When running a race, it’s easy to see success as winning. In fact, in the world, most things are all about the destination while disregarding the journey. But Christ shows…