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Lisa Jacobsen Interview with Pastor and Agency Worker | One Day 2022

By March 5, 2022March 24th, 2022Agency, Church, Coaching, Leadership, Team

In this incredibly insightful interview, advocate Lisa Jacobsen interviews a pastor and agency worker. They talk through what it means to build trusted partnerships, how to show churches and agencies that you are trustworthy, and how to navigate operating as a faith-based ministry in government spaces.


Share and Refine Ideas | One Day 2022

| Coaching, Leadership, Team | No Comments
Sarah talks about how working as a part of a thriving ministry, means that everyone feels the freedom to share and refine ideas. The process of refining an idea, allows…

Session 02a: Jami on Growing and Supporting a Local Team

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Having a local team allows advocates to have margin, space, help, and care while leading a ministry in a challenging space. Jami shares the importance of a local team and…

A Thriving Ministry | One Day 2022

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Sarah shares what a thriving ministry looks like, and some ways we can work towards leading our ministries more effectively.