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TFI: How It Started

By December 8, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Team

At The Forgotten Initiative, we want to see people everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together. The foster care community needs you and you need them. You have been given strengths, life experiences, and resources that you can use to help those who are feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood, or forgotten. When you support agency workers, foster parents, vulnerable adults, and children, you have the opportunity to show Jesus to them. By entering into relationship with the foster care community, you are changed too. You are drawn to Jesus in new ways, your perspective is shifted, and your need for Jesus is made more apparent. This is our hope.


The Vision of TFI – Jami Kaeb

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Jami Kaeb shares the vision for TFI, where we think God is leading our organization to go.

We Have Forgotten the Foster Care Community

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Defining Roles | One Day 2022

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Holly talks through the difference between the role of the Advocate and the Coordinator, and how working with our roles allows us to be more effective and support the foster…