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Who We Continue To Be | One Day 2021

By January 19, 2021April 12th, 2022Coaching, Leadership, Team

As we continue to clarify what our mission is, and how we move towards this mission, we take some time to look back at who we are and who we will continue to be as an organization.


Centering Our Minds | Culture Cast July 2021

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When we lose focus of what is most important, we can lead our ministries in the wrong direction. But when we center our minds on Jesus, everything is ordered rightly.

Craft the Experience | One Day 2022

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Holly shares more specifically about how the coordinator can craft experiences for Churches that empower Church leaders and volunteers to step into being the hands and feet of Jesus to…

The Advocacy Grid: Quad 2

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Gaelin goes over the second Quad of the advocacy grid. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as one runner passes the baton to the next. That key…