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A Season for Everything | Culture Cast April 2023

By March 22, 2023Coaching, Leadership

Join us in making the foster care community known. Together, we’re raising awareness, learning from those in foster care, and providing encouragement and support. Let’s increase advocacy and ensure that every child, parent, and worker in foster care feels seen, understood, and cared for. Jami reminds us why this ministry matters.


Why Culture Matters | Culture Cast January 2021

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Our culture at TFI matters. Why? Because culture drives behavior. And our lives are made up of small decisions that drive our behaviors, behaviors that lead us closer to or…

Giving and Receiving | Culture Cast June 2021

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Supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together isn't just about what we as Advocate ministries can give, it is just as much about receiving from the foster care…

Agency Worker | TFI One Day 2023

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