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Draw Near to Jesus

By November 15, 2022Coaching, Leadership

We are here for you. As your National Team, we’re continually brainstorming and creating ways to provide you with effective coaching, community, and resources. We believe that well cared for leaders care well for others. Listen in as Jami shares our heart for YOU in this month’s Culture Cast. We don’t take it for granted that you allow us into your lives.


Interview with Advocate Cherith and Coordinator Tiffany | One Day 2022

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In this interview, Advocate Cherith Craft and Coordinator Tiffany have a conversation with Sarah about what led them to work together. Cherith shares her journey from skepticism to excitement about…

Lessons Learned and How to Move Forward – Jillian

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Jillian closes out retreat 2017 by recapping what we talked about and shares some helpful next steps.

Session 03d: Family Support Panel

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This panel goes into some more detail with some of our advocates on how to support families in our communities better.