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Session 02b: Dale and Jill on Connecting with Advocates and the National Team

By September 20, 2017March 24th, 2022Coaching, Team

As a national team, we love to support advocates as they do the hard work of meeting the needs of the foster care community. But we also desire to connect and build relationships that go beyond just ministry, we want to be praying for and celebrating with God as he works in your lives.


Hope When It’s Hard – Holly Gnuse | TFI Teams Connect

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You became aware and were moved to action. Now you’re deep into service. You’re pouring out so much. It feels heavy. Where does your encouragement come from in the midst…

Being a Leader – Jami Kaeb | TFI Teams Connect

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Leadership isn’t easy. With leadership comes great responsibility. How do you handle the stress and responsibility a leadership role brings with it? How do you become a better leader? What…

Priorities Make Change Possible | Culture Cast December 2021

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Don’t let life pass you by, let’s take time to plan for the next season or year ahead to make it the best one yet!