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The Advocacy Grid: Quad 2

By September 16, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Team

Gaelin goes over the second Quad of the advocacy grid. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as one runner passes the baton to the next. That key exchange determines whether or not the team will win or lose. Now that we have more clarity on our roles, we need to learn how to recruit, train, and sustain Coordinators for our teams, and who better to learn from than Jesus himself?


Session 03c: Becky on Support Group for Vulnerable Adults (NAPP)

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In this video from the 2017 Advocate retreat, Becky shares more about creating support groups for vulnerable adults and how important it is to help break the cycle of family…

The Starting Line – Mitch Nelson | TFI Teams Connect

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You’re asked to share about the foster care community and ways to get involved with the work of TFI, but where do you start? What do you say? We know…

God is Using You as a Movement Maker – Jillian Kellenberger

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