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Exude Hope | One Day 2022

By March 5, 2022March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership, Team

Becky shares about the calling for Christians to be people that exude hope, even in the face of difficult circumstances or challenging people. We cannot expect to have a gospel impact on the foster care community unless we ourselves are being transformed by the hope of the gospel.


Biological Parents | TFI One Day 2023

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Weakness Made Strong | Culture Cast February 2022

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Are you overwhelmed with the weight of leadership, or frustrated that things are not going the way you had hoped? Jesus has these words for you, “Are you tired? Worn…

The Advocacy Grid: Quad 1

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This video is an overview of the first Quad of the advocacy grid. There comes a critical moment in every relay race as one runner passes the baton to the…