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Keeping Vision Fresh | Culture Cast February 2021

By February 8, 2021March 24th, 2022Coaching, Leadership

The TFI Vision Statement. We say it all the time—People everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together.
To some of us, this may be familiar. To others, it may be new. But no matter how familiar you are or aren’t with the TFI Vision Statement, we all need to be sure that over time, we keep this vision fresh in our minds and actions. So how do we do this? What does it take to keep the vision fresh?


Interview with Archambaults and Coordinator | One Day 2022

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Long-time advocates Josh and Liz Archambault talk with one of their coordinators Sarah Ahola about how they work together to serve the foster care community. Sarah shares some insights into…

Know Your Role | Culture Cast August 2021

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When we live within our role, we allow God to use us where we are and frees others up to live within their role.

New Mercies | Culture Cast January 2022

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What are your goals personally and what are your goals for TFI this year? It takes time and intentionality to live intentionally and on purpose but it feels so good…